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Rebuilding user trust in advertising, myChoice in action [Demo]

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A full solution for ad blocking. Using ChameleonX patented Secured Ads Layer publishers will secure their monetization assets from Ad-Blocking and to resolve user conflict with advertising we present myChoice.
myChoice was designed to enable the engagement with the user and see how a publisher-user dialog can improve the user advertising experience. myChoice is just one example for an application that can be developed on our applicable Secured Ads Layer, and the potential for this new environment for publisher application developments.
We prepared a short demo of myChoice, and how it brings the Blockers-Publishers conflict to a peaceful conclusion.

myChoice, bringing peace between advertisers and the rest of us.

ChameleonX - An advanced ad blocking solution for publisher, built on security.

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Doron Lyabock

VP Product at ChameleonX, with an extensive background in the online advertising world and a deep-seeded passion for technology.