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Introducing myChoice

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myChoice. A peaceful solution to a complex problem.

There is no "magic solution" to the evolving issue of ad blocking.

Online publishers use countless tactics and attempt endless practices to secure the most impressions by ad blocking users. Many of these strategies are predicated on the hope of convincing users to whitelist a site by simply asking politely, while simultaneously blocking content and site access until compliance. This method is likely to be disregarded by users, resulting in the continued use of ad blocking and a publisher-user communication disconnect.

Ad blocking was (and is) an inevitable response by consumers to the publishers and service providers who ignore the effects that intrusive ads have on their users’ online experiences or put them second to efforts to maximize advertising revenue. Intrusive advertising devices - like pop-ups, auto-playing audio and video ads, and content blocking formats - create a threat to the sustainable free internet.

While these types of intrusive advertising are widely used, many publishers - with legitimate advertising operations focused on balancing advertising with beneficial content - are being unfairly punished. Ad blocking is not directed specifically to those acting intrusively and irresponsibly. Instead, it acts indiscriminately against every website, a form of collective online punishment against all publishers.

ChameleonX technology provides publishers with a secured ads layer that makes ad-blocking obsolete. An encrypted and clocked method restores publisher control over their advertising assets, with multiple protections against unauthorized ads, Bots, and Malvertising.

We've invested a lot of research into developing a technology that gives publishers complete control over their online content, along with a set of tools to engage with their ad blocking users. Starting a dialog releases publishers from the need to demand user consent in order for the secured ad layer to restore advertising activity, while also providing an opportunity to better understand user frustrations, build trust, and truly settle the ad blocking conflict. We call this alternative advertising experience myChoice.

myChoice offers users the control to customize their ad experience in an inconspicuous and friendly manner, helping to rebuild confidence with publishers and online advertising. The importance of this interaction is the restoration of a direct relationship between publishers and their users, eliminating the ability of unauthorized 3rd party services (ad blockers) to interfere with and disrupt this relationship.

Using myChoice, Publishers benefit from anti-ad blocking technology that fully restores their ads while presenting the user with a choice of 3 fully customizable advertising plans: (1) supporting the publisher’s advertising business, (2) becoming a supporter with a limited advertising experience, or (3) removing ads completely. The user selection is followed by the myChoice dialog box, a customizable in-banner trigger-based notification system, enabling publisher-user dialog and an opportunity to reasonably resolve the ad blocking conflict. Finally, the myChoice side bar provides the user with accessible functionalities to configure and customize their online experience, such as opting out of personalized ads, selecting advertising topics of interest, and supporting publishers in the form of a donation or subscription plan.

Our case studies show that publishers with strong and loyal user communities who use myChoice experience significant changes in their user’s approach, establishing a new and healthy partnership based on a mutual understanding that the free internet requires balance and compromise.

ChameleonX myChoice presentation: